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Note :

*Minors are not able to be tattooed in the State of Texas due to current laws in place. However they may get pierced when accompanied by their parents and provide birth certificate and parent’s government issued photo ID.

Body Piercing

Are you ready to add some sparkle or self expression? Our professional piercers are here to help you out. With several years in the industry there isn’t much that we aren’t able to accomplish when it comes to adorning your body with amazing new jewelry and piercings. Schedule an appointment or just come on in today. Pricing starting at $30 and varies depending on Piercing and jewelry selection.


If you can dream it, we can tattoo it. Already have art selected and ready to go, awesome. Our highly experienced and professional artists are ready to make that dream to a reality. Book your appointment today with one of our Tattooers today. Our shop minimum starts as low as $60 and may go up from there depending on size, design, and placement. Consultations are always preferred prior to booking.


Tattoo Consultation

Are you looking to get a new piece and need to get the right design drawn up? Maybe you are looking to get a cover-up done and need an expert’s opinion on what can be done to turn that nightmare around, or maybe you need to freshen up your old work. If any of these are what you are looking to do then this is your first stop. They are free and help you get on track to getting the art that you want.

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